There are a lot of hacks that you should learn in order to survive your life with the help of internet, it is very useful especially to a millennial who is always logged on to a social networking site or who is using the internet for fun or research.

internet hacks

Follow through our list so that you can learn more. You only have to scroll down to be well informed.

How to log out your Facebook from a different place

Did you ever experience when you forgot to logout your Facebook account on a friend’s laptop or mobile then you had to leave because of work or something important? You do not need to worry about spilling your secrets or anything in your account because you can already log your Facebook out from that device from afar. Go to settings then go to security and click when you’re logged in and then you can already logout your account from which device it is logged on, through this process, you can manage your account and log it out from other devices.

Searching google

Sometimes, we forget the other parts of a sentence or a phrase and we only manage to remember other words and we tend to have an incomplete one to search in google. What you have to do is to put an asterisk on the missing words on an incomplete sentence. Google will help you in completing the sentence that you forgot. This technique is very simple and very easy to use especially for students who are trying to do research, it will be more quick and easy for them.

Blocking in twitter

In twitter, there is a cogwheel on the right of the profile of someone, you can click that when you want to mute that individual, which means that you are still following that account but you will not be able to see his or her tweets on your own timeline. This is a subtle way of blocking people so that they will not be insulted when they know that you have blocked or unfollowed them.

But. What most people wants is to hide their tweets from other people, and luckily, we can help you with that. You can block that person and unblock them at the same time which means that you have unfollowed that person and he or she will not be able to see your tweets, photos and everything. In this way, they will not notice that you have blocked them especially when you do the unblocking part very quick right after blocking them. This technique is called the soft-block.

Slowing it down in youtube

There might be some videos that you want to see in slow motion, especially in youtube where it serves as a home to almost all kinds of videos that you want and you would not want to see. Some people still needs to download the video and edit it at a slower speed so that they will be able to see it slowly but the good news is that we have found a way on how you can watch a video from youtube in slow motion without downloading it and doing other hassle things. You only have to long press the space bar and immediately, the video will start playing in a slower motion. Voila! That’s it!